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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Graanade, and why should I buy Periscope followers from them?

Graanade is a reputable social media marketing company that specializes in providing high-quality Periscope followers to clients who want to grow their social media presence. With years of experience in the industry, Graanade has built a solid reputation for delivering results that exceed their clients’ expectations. When you buy Periscope followers from Graanade, you can expect real, active followers who are interested in your content and are likely to engage with you.

Are the followers that I’ll get from Graanade real, and will they interact with my content?

Yes, absolutely! Graanade’s Periscope followers are 100% real and active users who are interested in your content. Unlike many other companies that offer fake or inactive followers, Graanade only provides high-quality followers who are likely to engage with your content, giving you a better chance of building an engaged and loyal following on Periscope.

Is it safe to buy Periscope followers from Graanade?

Yes, it’s safe to buy Periscope followers from Graanade. Graanade only uses safe and ethical methods to deliver followers to your Periscope account. They also take steps to ensure that your account is never at risk of being suspended or penalized by Periscope or any other social media platform.

How long does it take to receive my Periscope followers after I place my order with Graanade?

Graanade typically delivers Periscope followers within 24-48 hours after you place your order. However, delivery times may vary depending on the size of your order and other factors. Rest assured that Graanade will work as quickly as possible to deliver your followers without compromising on quality.

What payment methods does Graanade accept, and is my payment secure?

Graanade accepts a variety of payment methods, including major credit cards and PayPal. All payments are processed through secure payment gateways, ensuring that your payment information is safe and protected at all times.

What if I’m not satisfied with the followers that I receive from Graanade?

Graanade is committed to delivering high-quality Periscope followers that meet or exceed your expectations. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with the followers that you receive, Graanade offers a money-back guarantee. Simply contact their customer support team, and they’ll work with you to resolve the issue or issue a refund.


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